Price Match Policy

We're dedicated to offering the best experience at affordable prices

Zeniar Hosting (“Zeniar”) is committed to offering the best value in shared web hosting, in Australian dollars (AUD). We’re so confident in our pricing and features that we offer the Price Match Guarantee. This document outlines the detailed terms and conditions of this guarantee. Please note that these terms may be amended by Zeniar at any time without prior notice. These terms are in addition to Zeniar’s [link to existing Terms & Conditions].


Plan Type: This guarantee applies only to shared web hosting plans offered by other providers. Reseller, VPS, cloud, or dedicated server plans are excluded.

Comparable Features: Zeniar will only consider matching plans with comparable features and specifications, as outlined in section 2 of the original document.

Pricing Comparison: The competitor’s plan price must be publicly advertised and verifiable in their local currency. Quotes, discounts, or special offers not available to the general public will not be accepted.

Exchange Rates: As Zeniar bills in AUD, when matching a plan from an international competitor, the current exchange rate at the time of price match approval will be considered.

M.2 SSD Storage: Plans offering M.2 SSD storage are excluded from the guarantee. However, plans with standard storage or SSD storage can be matched.

Zeniar’s Discretion: Zeniar reserves the sole right to approve or deny any price match request based on its assessment of the competitor’s plan, pricing, and exchange rates. No explanation will be provided for denied requests.

Processing Time: Processing of price match requests can take up to 5 business days.

Applying for the Guarantee

To apply for the Price Match Guarantee, please submit a request through the Price Match submission form. When completing this form, you will need the following details ready:

Competitor’s Plan: A detailed description of the competitor’s shared web hosting plan you wish to match, including features, specifications, and pricing in their local currency.

Proof of Plan: A link to the competitor’s website or a copy of the plan’s pricing and features.

Existing Subscription (Optional): If you already have an active subscription with the competitor, please provide proof of subscription (e.g., invoice, account statement).

Price Matching and Discounts

If approved, Zeniar will offer a comparable shared web hosting plan with a 25% discount compared to the verified competitor’s price, converted to AUD using the exchange rate at the time of approval.

New Subscriptions: For new customers, the discount will be applied to the standard price of the comparable Zeniar plan.

Existing Subscriptions: For existing Zeniar customers, the discount will be applied to their current renewal price.

Exclusions: The Price Match Guarantee does not apply to:

    • Premier Plus subscriptions.
    • Domain name registrations.
    • SSL certificates.
    • Any other third-party products or services offered by Zeniar or the competitor.


Bundled Products: Additional products or services bundled with the competitor’s plan (e.g., SSL certificates,domain names) will not be included in the price match. You will be responsible for purchasing these items separately from Zeniar or the competitor.

Rights and Termination

Exchange Rate Fluctuations: If the exchange rate between AUD and the competitor’s currency fluctuates significantly after the price match approval, Zeniar reserves the right to adjust the subscription price accordingly to maintain the 25% discount benefit. You will be notified of any such adjustment with due notice.

Zeniar’s Discretion: Zeniar reserves the right to terminate the Price Match Guarantee at any time for any reason without prior notice.

Termination for Existing Customers: Zeniar reserves the right to terminate the price match for existing Zeniar customers who have been approved for the guarantee if deemed necessary (e.g., significant competitor plan or pricing changes, exchange rate fluctuations).

Zeniar Hosting is committed to offering fair and competitive pricing through the Price Match Guarantee. However, any attempt to exploit or abuse this guarantee through fraudulent submissions will not be tolerated.

Examples of fraudulent submissions include (but not limited to):

  • Misrepresenting competitor plans: Providing inaccurate or misleading information about the competitor’s plan features, specifications, or pricing.
  • Fabricating competitor quotes: Submitting fake quotes or documents to support a price match request.
  • Duplicate applications: Applying for the same price match with the same competitor plan multiple times.
  • Misusing exchange rates: Attempting to manipulate the exchange rate used for international comparisons.


If Zeniar detects or suspects fraudulent activity in connection with the Price Match Guarantee, we reserve the right to take the following actions:

  • Cancel the price match: Any approved price match based on fraudulent information will be revoked.
  • Deny future requests: The customer may be denied access to the Price Match Guarantee in the future.
  • Close the customer account: In cases of repeated or egregious fraud, Zeniar may choose to terminate the customer’s account entirely.


We encourage all customers to use the Price Match Guarantee responsibly and honestly. By ensuring fair competition and preventing abuse, we can continue to offer this valuable benefit to our valued customers.


For any questions regarding the Price Match Guarantee, please contact Zeniar’s customer support team via [email protected] or via your Zeniar Portal Account.

Price Match Policy Updated on 17/12/2023